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Duro-Strip Channel

Duro-Strip Channel
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Duro-strip channel is provided in black TPE, RMS-214. It can be applied as wear strips or as noise-reducing conveyor strips or framing or binding strips. It is also applied for non-abrasive edging to protect products from sharp edges. It is made up of lubricant material which reduces friction and provides durability. It prevents fungal growth and resistant to acids and alkalis.

Applications and Benefits of Duro-Strip Channel

  • Supplied in black TPE RMS-214 material.
  • Applied as wear strips or noise reducing conveyor or framing or binding strips, etc.
  • Protects products from sharp edges.
  • Made up of lubricant material.
  • Reduces friction and stays durable.
  • Prevents fungal growth
  • Resistant to acids and alkalis.M/
Sample Part
"A" +/- 0.4 (mm) "B" +/- 0.8 (mm) "C" (mm) Panel Thickness Material
Unit of
(Ex. GST)
Quantity Total
DSC-3-48 6.4 15.9 1.1 1.6 MDS Filled Nylon, RMS-21
0.00 RM
DSC-2-48 4.8 12.7 0.8 1.2 RMS-413
0.00 RM
DSC-1-48 3.2 9.5 0.5 1.2 RMS-413
0.00 RM
DSC-.5-48 1.6 7.6 0.8 0.8 MDS Filled Nylon, RMS-21
0.00 RM
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