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Wound Beads - RRH8

Wound Beads - RRH8
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Wound beads RRH8 is supplied in Ferrite Material K5B RMS-303. It is available with adhesive RMS-301 and the wire is supplied in RMS-306. It is applied to suppress noise.

Applications and Benefits of Wound Beads-RRH8

  • Supplied in ferrite material K5B RMS-303.
  • Adhesive supplied in RMS-301.
  • Wire is made or RMS-306.

Sample Part
A (mm) B (mm) C (mm) Impedance (Ω) 25MHz Impedance (Ω) 100MHz Number of Turns
Unit of
(Ex. GST)
Quantity Total
RRH8-2-40-K5B 5.2 10 0.85 754 680 4
0.00 RM
RRH8-2-35-K5B 5.2 10 0.85 726 667 3.5
0.00 RM
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